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Traffic Violations

traffic violations

Have you received a traffic ticket in Miami-Dade, Broward or Palm Beach County?

Attorney Robert Shapiro defends clients against all types of traffic offenses. Mr. Shapiro will fight to have you avoid steep fines and/or points that lead towards suspension of your license and can cause your insurance rates to go up. Usually, you don’t even have to appear in court. A lawyer can appear on your behalf and, in many cases, the ticket won’t even appear on your driving record.

Did you know that your car insurance provider will raise your rates if you have a poor driving record?

Attorney Robert Shapiro will aggressively challenge your citation and fight to get the charges dismissed, reduced to a lesser offense, or obtain a Withhold of Adjudication (no points). Contact the Traffic Ticket Legal Center today for a free consultation with Attorney Shapiro to discuss your case and explore your legal rights.

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